Chrome Ends Support For XP, Vista, Older OS X Versions

Two years after Microsoft ended security and bug support for Windows XP, Google is doing the same. Starting with Version 50 of the Chrome browser, there will be no support for Windows XP.


Also not supported in this latest Chrome update are Windows Vista (Microsoft support ends next April) and any Mac OS X version before Mavericks.

That means that the browser won’t receive any new features or any security updates. While these security updates are better than nothing, they weren’t able to fully protect XP.

If you’re running any of these operating systems you can continue to use older versions of Chrome, but Chrome will not receive updates.

~ Cynthia

2 thoughts on “Chrome Ends Support For XP, Vista, Older OS X Versions

    1. I wonder how one can be “outraged” at a decision made by a FREE product. It is clear that the reason is that they don’t want their browser to play any part in the potential consequences of someone continuing to use an insecure system.

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