¬†Panasonic Refuses To Fix Smokers’ TV

A British couple is furious with Panasonic after the electronic manufacturer is refusing to honor the warranty on their broken flat screen TV.

The couple noticed issues with the quality of the picture on their screen and took it to a repair a shop. However, the tech at the repair center said there was evidence that cigarette smoke had gunked up the inside of the TV and caused damage.


Panasonic said since the damage was caused by the couple’s smoking and not a manufacturer’s defect, that they wouldn’t pick up the tab. The couple admits to smoking 20 cigarettes a day, but say they don’t think that could cause the problem.¬† Having worked for many years in television, I can definitely say that smoke can be a real threat to equipment. Especially since a TV has vents that can be easily infiltrated by smoke. So if you won’t quit smoking for yourself, think about doing it to spare your innocent TV.

Daily Mail Considers Yahoo Purchase

Next on the list of suitors for Yahoo’s email business is the UK’s Daily Mail. The popular tabloid admits that it has been in talks with Yahoo to purchase their e-mail and web-portal side of the business.


Yahoo wants to unload the email side of their business to concentrate on its share in the Chinese export business Alibaba.

 Robot Waiters Fired

It doesn’t look as if the robots will be taking over all of the jobs for us just yet. Three Chinese restaurants that introduced robot waiters have fired all of the robots.

It turns out the robots were terrible at taking orders and clumsy to boot. They spilled drinks on customers and soup on the floor. Plus, they frequently broke down.

~ Cynthia