Facebook is cracking down on enforcing its terms of service by deleting popular groups and pages.

The social media giant is shutting down groups that related to tobacco, alcohol, and firearms. Any group that helps facilitate the private sale between members of any of these products faces the prospect of being deleted.


The extremely popular Cigar Cartel was among the casualties along with several other cigar groups.

The company has also banned private sale of guns in groups and encourages users to report any transactions that are taking place within groups or within Facebook Messenger.

This doesn’t just apply to groups focused on firearms. If you belong to a community garage sale group or trading group, your group could face deletion if a member decides to privately sell a firearm, cigars or alcohol of any kind.

Other activities forbidden by Facebook include mult-level marketing of any kind, bullying, posting what Facebook defines as “hate-speech,” (though they don’t actually have any explanation as to exactly what that might be), posting adult content without age restrictions, and interfering with the intellectual property of others.

To show they’re serious about the intellectual property thing,  Facebook recently shut down the page for The Shade Room, a very popular celebrity gossip site with millions of followers for allegedly violating copyrights. The site relied heavily on screengrabs from celebrity social media accounts.


Again, even if you’re not running a cigar or gun group or a celebrity gossip page, if you try to privately sell any of these items using Facebook or Messenger, you could lose your account or see a group you belong to deleted. The same goes for using other people’s copyrighted material. So be careful what you post.

What do you think about Facebook crack down? Are they trying to keep us safe or are they playing nanny? Let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia