Last week we broke down the most popular operating systems out there and I asked what operating systems  our readers were using.  In many ways, you guys are very different from the rest of the crowd.

The most popular operating system among our readers who answered the question is Windows 10.  A full 40% of you are using Microsoft’s latest operating system compared to just 14% of overall users out there.


Some of you love it.

“Using 10 on my newer laptop after upgrading from 8.1. Have had it for a while and am liking it. No issues so far.”

“I upgraded from 8.1 to Win 10. So far so good. Lots of good things and the upgrade was seamless!”

“I had Win 7 but upgraded tp Win 10 when it became available. Absolutely no regrets. Win 7 was great but Win 10 I think is much better, faster with lots of features such as Cortana.”

Others not so much.

I have Windows 10 only because my PC caught on fire and burnt to a crisp and I had to buy a new one.I really wish I was back with my XP.”

Speaking of XP, I’m proud to see that only 7% of you are using the XP system which no longer has any security support. That’s a full 4% less than the 11% average of other users around the world.


You also run Windows 8 and 8.1 less frequently that other users. About 7% of you run 8 or 8.1 while around 11% of the other folks out there do.

Windows 7 is a strong second with our readers, with 33 % of you running Window 7 or Windows 7 Pro on one of your PCs. But that’s quite a bit lower than the 52%  of overall users running Windows 7.

You guys are also much more likely to run Linux. A full 10% of you report using a Linux-based system. While just 1% of overall users run Linux at home.


When it comes to Vista, you’re right with everyone else in the world, with only around 1% of you using that operating system.

The biggest surprise in your responses, no one reported running Mac OS. About 5% of overall users run that system.

~ Cynthia