Welcome to Audiofy!

Audiofy is an app that lets you listen to any article anytime anywhere if you have an iOS device. I’m hoping in the future they offer an Android version so  I can download it to listen to articles for school.

The app offers free and premium subscriptions.  I’m bringing it to you today for the free version which allows you to listen to articles with the basic voice.

You can listen to web content from Chrome, Safari, or any app supported by the iOS feature. That’s a lot of content right there.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll scroll down to navigate through the sections of the website. Each section lets you listen to clips of content as they would be played by the app. This also gives you an idea of what the voices you get with the premium versions sound like.

If you decide you want to give this app a whirl, head on over to the iTunes store with the green Get the App button. And then install it like you normally would and you’re ready to start listening to articles.