Karen has some big complaints about organizing her photos in Windows 10. “If these people are going to Windows 10 tell them to make sure they have a real good backup for their photos.  As they will no longer have the way they have them organized as they have them now. That windows 10 program only allows date organizing. Not your way.  There is a way to get it off your computer but it takes an act of congress as it downloads with 10.”

Karen, I couldn’t agree with you more about backing up photos. They should be backed up anyway, not just when you’re doing a major upgrade.

But you’re certainly wrong about being able to organize your photos only by date in Windows 10.  I’ve previously written an article about organizing your photo files any way you want using file explorer.

You can click here to check that one out.


Let’s also look at how you can organize your photographs using the Photos App. To open the Photos app, just search for it in your search box and click on the result or tell Cortana to “open Photos.”


The Photos app will open on the Collection screen which does sort your photos by date.


But that’s not your only option.  Select Folders and you’ll see your pictures organized by the folders you’ve created in your Pictures library and elsewhere on your PC. One of the common complaints I’ve heard about upgrading to Windows 10 is that these folders are missing. But they are pretty easy to find. Just tap the folder you wish to view.


And there they are, right where you left them in alphabetical order.


Choose Albums and you’ll see that your PC has already generated some based on the date photos were taken.


You can create your own albums by tapping the + symbol at the top right of the page.


Then select photos to add to the album.


Then give the album any name you like.


Click save at the top right when you are finished.


By default, the photo app will see folders from the Pictures library and from your OneDrive account. But you can add additional folders. Click Settings at the bottom left of the screen.


Just scroll down to sources and tap or click Add a folder.


Then select the source you’d like to add.


The layout of the Photos app may be different that you’re used to, but it is possible to arrange your images any way you like using File Explorer and the Photos app together.

~ Cynthia