A reader’s daughter was a victim of a ransomware attack. “My daughter ‘s computer was hi-jacked for ransom. since she is only 9 years old, my e-mail is the main one on her computer and hers is tied into mine. my info has been accessed but what I need to know is I ran her computer back to day 1 as if I were to sell it with all our info removed. did this remove the ransomware???? “


You were very lucky that you were able to factory reset her PC. A lot of ransomware would prevent you from doing that. A factory reset that wipes out all of her files should take care of the problem. I say should, because I have heard of bugs crafty enough to rewrite part of the OS and escape a reset. But, fortunately, that’s unlikely.

I also hope you immediately installed virus and malware protection and scanned the PC for any issues. Make sure that you change the passwords to all of your accounts as well. You don’t know what kind of information they were able to get from the PC.

~ Cynthia