Twitter, the popular social media outlet that allows users to express themselves in messages limited to 140 characters, is making some changes.


Many were expecting the folks at Twitter to up the allotted number of character to allow messages longer than a sentence or two. They haven’t exactly done that, but they will soon allow you to get more words in your message.


In the past, when you replied to a Tweet, the name of the person you were replying to was included in the character count. So, if you were replying to @writercynmack – those 14 characters would count towards the 140 character total. Now the name won’t be included in character count. That give you two or three more words to work with in your reply.

Attachments like GIFS, quotes, photos and videos will not count towards your character count.


In addition to changes in how characters are counted, Twitter is tweaking a few other things.

They’ll be adding a Retweet button to your own tweets. Currently, you can retweet (which is a lot like forwarding in email or sharing in Facebook) messages posted by others. Now you will be able Retweet your own message if you have something to add to it or just feel like a really good thought wasn’t seen by your friends.

These changes will roll out over the next few months. Twitter says they are in contact with app developers, so they can make changes to the many products that incorporate Twitter sharing.

~ Cynthia