In response to our article on contacting Google, we received this question from a reader. “I’ve got a similar problem re. contacting Facebook. My son opened an account when he didn’t have yet an e-mail address and he used his mother’s telephone number as an address.That worked very well to open the account until he wanted to log in again later.Then FB opened his mother account instead of his own.
Since he cannot log in to make the change now that he got an e-mail address, he can’t contact FB to solve the problem of logging in.Would you have an e-mail address where we can contact FB ? Thanks for your advice.”

My first suggestion for a password problem is for your son to log out of the account and then he’ll see this screen.


In the upper right, you’ll see the fields for logging it. Just under that, in light blue type, is “Forgot account.” Click that.


You’ll be taken to a page where you can enter your e-mail, phone number, or full name. Enter the information and press Search.


From there, you’ll be offered the chance to reset your password via the e-mail account tied to the account or a text sent to a mobile phone that you’ve associated with the account.


Click continue and code will be sent to your email or phone allowing you to reset your password. Your son will need to use his mom’s phone to get the code.

If he can’t access his mother’s phone, choose “No longer have access to these?” at the bottom of the window.

facebook-no-longer-have access

Then enter a new email and phone number.


This should get him on the road to logging back onto his account. You can also find support for many Facebook issues in their help center:

Facebook does not offer customer service via live chat or over the phone.

~ Cynthia