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  1. Thanks Cynthia for the advice.
    Unfortunately when I followed the procedure the choice I got under the sign-in box was Forgot Your Password ? instead of Find Your Account.
    I had no other choice than to click on that option.
    I then enter my son’s name and than I don’t get the window Reset Your Password.
    Instead I get a window “Try to get access to your e-mail account” showing his name and under his name, “Need help accessing your email address?” and links to Google, Yahoo and more just in case he could not access his e-mail …with which he never signed in !
    Seems like they don’t even consider that the initial sign in might have been with a telephone number since they don’t even provide the option Forgot Account, at least in this part of the world. They don’t even provide a box to enter an e-mail address since they assume the password was forgotten.
    Then I clicked the back button and then got a Find Your Account window.
    I entered his mother’s phone number and his own password but I got a window showing his mother’s name and “wrong password”, instead of the three windows you copied above. So no chance given to follow the above mentioned procedure.
    FB is full of frustration and inconsistency in other areas, too.
    I doubt we can get rid of the problem and I suppose that if he wants to sign-in again with a new account, the “robot-system” will deny it since the name is already used.
    Best regards,

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