A reader wanted to know how to forward an e-mail from a tablet. Now, this reader didn’t say which app he was using to read mail, but the process is fairly similar no matter which app you’re using to check your messages.

For this example, I’ll demonstrate using the mail app on my Android phone and also with the Gmail app.

First, let’s open the standard Android Mail app. Tap on the message you wish to forward.


Just tap the Forward arrow.


And then type in the name of the recipient.


If you’re using the Gmail app, open the message you wish to forward and tap the menu icon. Here it’s symbolized by three dots, but in some programs, you’ll see three lines.


Then choose Forward from the drop-down menu.


For some apps, you’ll find “forward” under the Options menu.

In case anyone was wondering, it doesn’t matter if the phone is going to your tablet, smartphone, or e-mail. About any mail program or app should recognize a message sent by any other program or app.

I hope this helps.

~ Cynthia