I asked for your beefs with Windows 10 and here’s our first reader response: “My major beef with Window 10 email, it does not show recipients in Bcc sent items. Also old addresses I can not remove after being updated. I have had every Windows  version starting with DOS 3.1;  I’ll keep my older Win 7 computer as long as it’s supported.”

It is a puzzling omission from the Mail app. You can create blind copies, but you can’t see them in the Sent folder.

Here’s my message in the inbox.


And here’s what I see in the Sent folder.


Interestingly enough if you got to the webmail interface for your email account, you can see the BCC.


Deleting and editing contacts could also use some major work in the Mail app. But hopefully Microsoft will be tackling those issues with updates soon.

Fortunately, you aren’t limited to using only the Mail app in Windows 10. You can certainly continue to use Outlook, Live Mail, Thunderbird, or another email client. You can continue to use the same email client with Windows 10 that you’re using in Windows 7. If you upgrade, your messages shouldn’t be affected at all.

I use the Mail app in conjunction with Outlook. I like how the mail app interfaces with the rest of Windows 10, but I use Outlook when I need a fully featured program.

~ Cynthia