Welcome to Class Dojo! An application that brings classroom communities together. Their mission is to bring teachers, students, and parents closer together. This communication platform gets parents engaged, encourages students, and allows teachers to help manage their classrooms more efficiently.

I suggest you start your visit by checking out the About section where you can find a video that explains what Class Dojo is and how it works. Then you can scroll down the page to learn more.

They’ve made a pledge to always offer their service free to teachers, so if you’re an educator take a moment and check it out. My mom is a teacher, and I sent her this link to check out, because anything that makes communicating with parents and showing the progress of her students seems like a cool thing to me.

You can register as a student, parent, teacher, or school leader. I would suggest also checking out the Helpdesk, ┬ábecause it offers a lot of FAQs depending on how you’re going to interact with the site.