A reader has the exact opposite of a question I normally got asked by Windows 8 users:  “Is there any way to get Windows 10 to Default back to the start page after closing a program. Right now it always goes back to the old desktop and then I have to click on the Windows icon to get back to the Start Page with the tiles.”

There is a way to do it. But first, I’m going to go over the various Windows default Start Menu and Start Screen options for folks who aren’t familiar with them.

One of the nice things about Windows 10 is that you have the option of either the desktop with a Start Menu or the Tiles view.

Here’s a look at the default desktop mode.


When I click the Start Menu, I can also see some of the tiles (which are really just large icons).  Some of them are what is called “Live Tiles.” That means you can see things like incoming emails, the weather, or breaking news displayed in the tiles.


The start menu can also be expanded to include more tiles just by clicking and dragging the edge.


Or you can switch it to display the start screen by default when you open the start menu. Type Start settings in the search box and click on the result.


Scroll down to Use Start full screen and move the slider to On.


Your start screen will now look like this, but it will default to the desktop when the Start Menu is closed.


To have tiles displayed all the time, you’ll need to switch to Tablet mode. Type Tablet mode into your search box and then click on the results. Switch Tablet mode on. If you always want tablet mode on, you can click the drop-down menu to make it the default.


To access the full Start menu from Tablet mode, just click the three-line icon at the top left of the page.


~ Cynthia