A lot of people, including myself, have a lot of complaints about millennials in the work force, criticizing everything from their work ethic to their ability to take criticism.  But there’s one area in which you can’t deny they excel, using current technology.

When you are thinking about your organization in general, you can’t just be concerned with the present. Any good leader will start to look to the future. For you and your business, that means thinking about the next wave of employees you want to employ in the organization. While many current managers aren’t sure about bringing on young workers and new technology, these are the reasons you should seek it out instead of avoid it

Diverse Young Adults

Young Talent Has the Most Recent Education

When you think about the younger workforce in general, then it should make sense what they actually bring to the table. On the one hand, younger workers may not have the most industry-specific knowledge or experience. On the other hand, as far as being equipped with the tools to succeed, the junior staff members have all of the education in the world. The biggest thing to remember is that these graduates not only grew up on technological tools, but that this entire generation also lives and breathes them. Things you may not understand, like certain applications or social media forms, are literally what they do for fun. As Contently reports, the average mobile YouTube session actually lasts 40 minutes. This isn’t just a point about younger people wasting time on technology. In fact, it means that the very areas where your current organization could be struggling with adapting to is exactly where these individuals are able to excel and propel your company ahead.

General Love of Technology

Another thing to remember is that because these millennial and younger workers have been raised on technology, they literally love it. These young workers aren’t afraid of it. As a whole, this generation is comfortable enough to not only know a lot about it, but also even troubleshoot and understand where to search in case something doesn’t make sense to them as well.


When you have workers at your disposal who have been raised for their entire lives on technology, then you need to be able to see how you can best integrate those individuals into your organization to get the most value for your money. With respect to any technological features, these junior staff members like to figure things out for themselves, love to learn how to work smarter instead of harder, and will find the best (and easiest) ways to work with processes and applications. In short, this is a group that can be many times more productive than their older peers in the office. However, you have to give them the tools to thrive such as by using video conferencing equipment by Blue Jeans in order to truly tap into those benefits.

They Don’t Even Know Other Forms

There is another key that you need to understand. If you happen to work with any younger stakeholders in any other organizations or in your daily business process, you can’t be stubborn and stick to the old ways. As a matter of fact, while you may be comfortable not making a change and sticking to the old fashioned business processes, your organization could not only get passed by for efficiency, but you could also get passed by simply because you’re not compatible with higher tech and faster moving companies.

Whenever you do business with people, you have to be able to be comfortable with them. However, you not only need to be comfortable with them in terms of speech and communication, but you also have to be able to mesh with them with respect to business operations. Consider the younger workforce now and understand that if you don’t come up to speed to match what they are using and how they are working, suddenly you are the one who is behind on the times. Your people—and your clients—won’t be comfortable with this scenario. It should make sense, then, that they rely so much on newer technology, because that is all they know. Consider the fact that they grew up in a generation with no typewriters. In addition, they are not sure about fax machines, and they aren’t comfortable talking on the phone as a whole generation. Remember this: they are a tech generation. As InformationWeek reports, there are younger people who use terminology when they don’t even know what it actually means or where it came from, such as the word “dialing.” The majority of younger people have never seen an actual dialing rotary phone.

As you can see, while you may not like or be comfortable with the new wave of younger workers or newer technology, there is a reason they are the way that they are. They are also able to step right into many functions and roles of a business and not only do a good job, but also do a more efficient job if they are supported. The key to getting the most out of them is to simply understand that these millennials look at things a little bit differently. They do understand what they know, and you need get up to speed to as well.

What do you think about younger workers? Are they the key to grasping new tech? Let us know in the comments.

~ Rummer Michael Findlay