These days you can read eBooks on your smartphone, tablet or PC. But many folks still prefer having a dedicated eReader. They’re easier on the eyes and you are much less likely to be distracted. Unlike a tablet or phone, you won’t be inundated with update notices, email notifications or Facebook messages while trying to enjoy your new novel.

The folks at Amazon have updated their lowest-price eReader with some new features.

Sticking with simplicity, the device is available in your choice of black or white.  It’s the thinnest and lightest Kindle eReader yet. It weighs less than six ounces and is just over 1/3 of an inch thick.


It features touch screen page turning and a 167 ppi resolution on the 6″ glare-free screen.  Glare-free screens are a major selling point for eReaders. Unlike most tablets and phones, you can easily read the screens in bright sunlight.  You will need to have a light source for reading this device. It doesn’t feature any built-in lights. But it does offer one heck of a battery life with the typical charge lasting for weeks even with daily use.


While some more expensive Kindle models have 3G connectivity, this model requires a Wi-Fi connection to download purchases.

Like all Kindles, it allows you to store thousands of books on the device and offers things like a built-in dictionary and vocabulary builder, plus you can adjust your text size if you have any type of visual impairment.

This latest Kindle will retail for $79.99 and be available starting July 7.  Amazon also offers three more expensive eReader models: Kindle Paperwhite for $120, Kindle Voyage for $200, and Kindle Oasis for $290.

~ Cynthia