Opera Wins The Browser Battery Battle

Not too long ago, Microsoft conducted an experiment in the battery life of devices when they were streaming video using various browsers.

In their study Microsoft Edge game out ahead with nearly 7 and a half hours. Opera was second with 6 hours, Firefox third with 5 hours, and Google Chrome dead last with 4 hours and 19 minutes.

Opera Browser

The people behind Opera decided to conduct that test again. Not too surprisingly Opera won in their tests.  Opera says their browser gets around 4 hours of battery life while streaming video, while Edge comes in second with 3 hours and 12 minutes. Google Chrome is in last-place again with 2 hours 54 minutes of streaming time. It looks like the one thing they can agree on is that Chrome is not the best browser for streaming.


New Dell Monitor Is 4 Monitors In One

I haven’t wanted anything as badly in a long time as I do the new Dell P4317Q monitor. This 43″ diagonal monitor is actually 4 separate monitors in one package.


I love the dual-monitor setup on my desktop, so the thought of having four screens makes me happy as a lark. Since I often need to have programs open while writing about them, this could be just the ticket. This model is designed with financial professionals in mind, but it would also be great for those who work on photography or video. You can also switch from 4 to one big screen at the touch of a button.

The only drawback for me in the $1350 price tag.

BlackBerry Phones Still Struggling

The tech world is fickle. Not so long ago, Blackberry phones kicked off the “always in contact” age and were considered to addictive that they drew the nickname “crackberry.”


Then along came iPhones and Android smartphones and Blackberry fell by the way. For the first quarter 0f 2016, the company lost 670 million dollar loss largely due to disappointing sales of the Blackberry Priv phone. The company had hoped to make a comeback by partnering with Android to introduce the Priv, but the Priv just hasn’t caught on as hoped.

~ Cynthia