We’re all familiar with the infamous slogan: “There’s an app for that.” While there’s no app that can find you a great job, nail the interview, and get you hired from the comfort of your armchair, there are plenty of apps that provide you with the tools to approach the job seeking process with confidence. Preparedness is half the battle, and everyone can use these tools to simplify their job search.

  1. Pocket Resume

It helps to tailor your resume for each potential employer you send it to. Cutting out information that isn’t relevant to the position you’ve applied for while expanding on the details your potential employer would find most interesting will help your resume find its way to the top of the pile.


Using an app like Pocket Resume to make quick modifications to your current resume will help you be sure that your potential employer can see the details they’re most interested in.

  1. DuoLingo

This app seems like an unlikely consideration for a list like this, but you’ll be surprised how much it can help you. The need for bilingual employees is rising, and these candidates quickly float to the short list of an employer’s consideration.


How much Spanish do you remember from the two years you took in college? Using an app like DuoLingo can help you boost your proficiency, strengthening a highly valued skill in the career market.

  1. LinkedIn

Networking is everything! If you’ve built a strong professional network, you’ll be able to find out about job openings before they’re posted. Meeting the right people can help you obtain necessary connections that will help you climb the career ladder. Download LinkedIn, and make sure you stay active. You may be able to find out about local seminars or networking opportunities that will prove useful to you during your search.

  1. Business Card Reader

You’ll be meeting a lot of people, and you’ll want to stay in contact. Professionals hand out business cards for this exact reason. The only problem with these little pieces of paper is that they tend to get lost, and we forget to save the vital contact information they contain.


Business Card Reader allows you to take a quick snapshot of a business card, and save names, email addresses, and phone numbers directly to your contacts. No more missed connections!

  1. Interview Pro

Interview questions are certainly anxiety inducing. You never know what a potential employer is going to ask you at your big interview, and that makes it hard to prepare.

Interview Pro will give you a mock drill. You’ll be confronted with tons of questions that interviewers typically ask, and you’ll have time to work on your responses. Some questions really put candidates on the spot, and you’ll be a lot less nervous if you already have a general idea of the point you’d like to make in your response.

  1. Glassdoor

A job can seem great on the surface, but what do the company’s existing and former employees have to say about it? Get Glassdoor. You’ll be able to get an insider perspective about what it’s like to actually work through the company. When you’re browsing Gumtree and you find a job ad that you love, type the company’s name into Glassdoor. You’ll see career reviews from people who have worked the position you’re interested in applying for.

  1. Felt

After you’ve had a great interview, you want to follow up. Phone calls and handwritten notes are personal touches that help an interviewer remember you. Felt is excellent for this purpose. This app allows you to generate custom thank you cards, and the app’s headquarters prints these cards and mails them out for you. It’s the perfect way to follow up, and Felt makes it easier than ever. There’s no better memorable gesture than a top-notch custom thank you.

Let these apps replace your favorite games for a few weeks. There’s nothing wrong with playing with your phone, but these apps will allow you to do so productively. Shorten your job search by focusing your energy on becoming a better candidate. After you land your dream job, celebrate to your heart’s content.

~ Amelia

Amelia Knott is a team member at AuBiz.net – a free online ABN lookup tool. She is passionate about new marketing trends and branding strategies. She shares her insights through blogging.