Microsoft Settles Upgrade Lawsuit For $10,000

Microsoft paid a woman $10,000 after she said an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade crashed the computers for her travel agency and cost her a bunch of business during the busy season.


She won the claim in small claims court and Microsoft says it decided to drop its appeal to spare the expense of further litigation.  In related news, the company will now add a “decline free offer” option to that pesky Windows 10 nag screen.

Facebook Changing Feeds To Feature More Family & Friends

Facebook is tweaking their news feeds to ensure that posts made by your family and friends will appear higher up in your news feed that posts made by companies, celebrities and other pages that you happen to follow on Facebook.


This is expected to lower the reach of pages and groups.  This could also be seen as another push by Facebook to bet pages to pay to increase their traffic.  I’m still among those who wish there was an option to just see everything that everyone you follow posts in chronological order. But that’s not likely to happen.

Robot Lawyer Helps Thousands Beat Parking Tickets.

Move over Matlock and Perry Mason. There’s a new robot lawyer in town and so far this guy has helped get over 150,00 parking tickets dismissed.  It’s the brainchild of teenager Joshua Browder, a college student with what I think will be a bright future in front of him.

Just head over to Do Not Pay to sign up. You can appeal tickets in London and NY or try to get compensation for delayed flights. The service is completely free and doesn’t charge any commission.

~ Cynthia