Welcome to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife’s Ferret Cam!

I was sent this link through my e-mail at the USGS National Wildlife Health Center where I work as a librarian assistant. I was really interested in checking it out because one of the important things the center I work at does is help prevent black-footed ferrets catching the plague. One of their main forms of prey is prairie dogs who are highly susceptible to the plague and pass it on to the black-footed ferrets. This cam lets us look at the work done at our center in a different perspective.

With all that said, I’m also bringing it to you because Two-bit is adorable! When you load up the site, you’ll find introductory text, the two live feeds, and then links ┬áto more information.

If you’re viewing in the morning or early afternoon, you’ll want to start with the video feed on the right side of the page, because Two-bit is probably sleeping in her underground enclosure. If you’re checking in the evening, use the feed on the left first to catch Two-bit frolicking in her above ground enclosure.

When you’re done spending time with Two-bit, I recommend checking out the links beneath the video area that offer more information on the black-footed ferret species, conservation efforts, fact sheet, and even photos.

This is a great way to pass the time in the summer. Go check it out for yourself today!