With so many people posting photos on social media, it’s no surprise that someone would have this question: “I have a couple pictures on my Facebook that I would like to print. I can’t find a way to do it. Help.”

Since the idea behind Facebook is keeping everything digital, you won’t find a print button on an image. You first need to download the image to your computer.

Find the picture you want and then click on it to open fully.


Right-click on the picture and choose Save Image As from the menu.


Then pick a location to save. You’ll also want to rename the image since it’s going to be called a string of numbers by Facebook.


You also have the option of downloading an entire album. Just open the album and click the little gear symbol at the top-right of the page. Then choose Download Album from the drop-down menu.


Once you have the photo on your PC, you can open the image in a program like paint, the Windows Photo Viewer , or the Windows 10 Photo App and choose print.

Here’s the print option in Photo Viewer.


And in Paint.


Here’s how it looks in the Windows 10 photo app.


You can download images to your phone or tablet by pressing the menu button on your phone and selecting save from the pop-up menu.


If you have a compatible printer, you can use a printing app to print your photo.

You could also send the images off to an online place that prints photos or save them to a flash drive and take it in somewhere that prints photos. If you originally took the photos and have them still available on your camera or phone, it would be best to have the original images printed. Facebook does reduce the quality a bit when you upload in order to save space.

~ Cynthia