Facebook: See The Pages You Want

Yesterday I showed you how to see more of the people you want in your Facebook feed. Today, we’ll look at how to see the pages you’re interested in. Pages  are created for businesses, organizations, or celebrities instead of individuals. A page could be for a local TV station or newspaper, a restaurant, an author or actress, or a charitable organization.

Facebook recently made changes to their feeds that make it much harder for you to see posts from pages that don’t pay extra for Facebook advertising.  I don’t blame Facebook for wanting to earn some money for pages. It’s a valuable business tool. But it can be very expensive for pages to reach all of their followers. Some simply can’t afford the advertising.

But you still want to see breaking news from your local TV station even if they aren’t paying a few thousand extra to Facebook for advertising. Here’s how to prioritize what you want to see.

Head over to your Facebook and click Home.


Scroll down the page and click on Interests on the far left.


Then click on Add Interests


Then choose Create List.


Start selecting pages to add to your list.  Just click the site to add it. The pages you’re currently like will display when you click Pages in the far left column.  You can scroll  down or search using the search box at the top.


When you’ve selected the pages you want, click Next.


Now you can name your list and also set the privacy. The list can be visible to anyone, just your friends, or only you.  After it’s all set, just click Done.


Go back to Interests and click on the little gear next to your list. Choose Add to Favorites.


Your list will now be added to Favorites at the top left of the page. Just click it to see all of your favorite pages together in your feed.


~ Cynthia


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