Welcome to the National Gallery of Art’s online exhibition of 17th Century Dutch Paintings!

When you arrive at the site you’ll find the description of the collection in the center of the page with items to explore off to the left and right.

If you scroll down you’ll find thumbnails that will whisk you to items from the collection filtered by subjects. Your options are Landscapes, Genre Paintings, Historical, Still Life, and Portraits.

Once you’ve selected a gallery to browse, you can then switch it from being sorted by Default, Chronological, and Title. My favorite way is to browse the collections chronologically because you can really see how the style develops over time.

My favorite part of the site though are the video offerings on the right side of the page. I learned so much about the collection and specific artists (like the videos on Vermeer) that I highly recommend you check them out.

Go learn more about 17th Century Dutch Paintings today!