How Can I Back Up Facebook Videos?

I recently had a question from a reader who was trying to back up her PC, but couldn’t figure out how to back up her Facebook videos.

First, good job on backing up your PC.  Everyone should do it regularly. The reason you can’t immediately find those Facebook videos is that they  aren’t stored on your PC. They are stored on Facebook’s servers.  That means you can access them to view or share from any device.

Unless you loaded the videos onto your PC and uploaded to Facebook from there, they’ve never been on your PC.

To download a copy of your FB video, first, go to your profile page and choose Photos.


Then open your video album.


Hover in the right corner of the video you want to download until the edit icon comes up. (It looks like a pen or a pencil) Click on it and choose to download in HD or SD from the drop-down menu. It will take longer to download an HD video.


There’s also a way to batch download all of your FB information. Click here to learn more about that.

But there may be an easier option. If you uploaded those videos from your phone, they are probably still on the phone where you recorded them unless you’ve deleted them. If you have an iPhone, they may already be backed up to your iCloud account.

If you have a smartphone, don’t forget to regularly back up any photos or videos you take on it. You don’t want to lose hundreds or even thousands of photos.

You can transfer photos with a cable to a PC, backup to the cloud, or even use a wireless external hard drive.

~ Cynthia

*Note:  I checked with the reader and the videos were indeed on her phone.

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