Ever need to send an image file to someone or upload it to a site and find out that you’ve got it in the wrong file format?  I had that happen to me last weekend when I was trying to upload a potential book cover. My file was in the jpg  format, but I needed at .tiff.

Now, you might think you need some type of fancy image converter program to quickly change file formats, but that’s not the case at all.  In fact, if you’re using Windows, you’ve already got the program you need:  Good old MS Paint.

Here’s what to do.  Just search for Paint in the search box and click on the result or look under All App in Windows 10.

When Paint is open, click the menu on the upper-left side and choose “Open” from the drop-down menu.



Then select the image you wish to convert.




Once the image is open, choose that drop-down menu again.



Hover over Save as and you’ll see options to save a .jpg, .png, .gif, or .bmp.


Click on Save as and you’ll see additional options like .tiff and various kinds of bitmaps.


Then just choose Save and rename your image if desired.  Now Paint is somewhat limited in what it can do to the image. So, if you need to change something like the DPI for an image, you’ll want a program with more options.

But for a quick conversion, it can be just the ticket.

~ Cynthia