A reader is missing some favorite features in Windows 10.  “Win 10 question –  I want my Yahoo toolbar back and print preview.  I’m printing wasted pages cause I can’t select which I don’t want.”

I think the issue is the browser that you’re using. It sounds like you’re using Microsoft Edge, which doesn’t yet support  the Yahoo toolbar. Here’s what the icon for Edge looks like.


If you upgraded from Windows 7 or 8, you should just be able to open the browser you were using before the upgrade and see your toolbar still there on the browser.  Just search for the browser in your Start Menu search box and click on the results.

If this is a new PC, you can type Internet Explorer in the search box and click on the results. Then you can add your Yahoo Toolbar again by going to Yahoo.com.  If you were using another browser, you can go to the site for the browser and download it again.

~ Cynthia