This week we’ve been learning all about the extremely popular Chrome mobile browsing app for smartphones and tablets. Click here to check out part 1 and part 2 of our series.

Today, we’ll continue our exploration of the menu. To open the menu, tap the icon that looks like three dots on the far right.


Tap it, and you’ll see a drop-down menu.


We already covered tabs in yesterday’s tip, so today we’ll start with Bookmarks.


To bookmark a favorite page, you just tap the star icon at the top of the menu.



Tap bookmarks and you’ll see a list of all the pages you’ve saved.  This will sync also include bookmarks you saved from the desktop version of Chrome, as long as you were logged into Chrome under the same Google ID when you saved them. Just tap a bookmark to be taken to the site.


Tap the menu icon at the top of Bookmarks.


You’ll get this menu:

You can choose to view your mobile bookmarks. Or bookmarks you’ve saved from other places.


Click the icon that looks like three dots next to a bookmark to edit, move, or delete it.


Tap Recent tabs to see your recently visited sites on both your phone and your desktop chrome browser.


Tab History and you’ll be able to look back over the sites you’ve visited in your chrome browser on this device and from other devices where you use chrome. Tap to select the device you want to view the history for.



Just tap on the site in your history to open the page.  You can view recent history by date or scroll down to view older history. Tap Clear Browsing Data at the bottom to remove the history.


~ Cynthia