In The News 07-29-2016

Email Hack Causes Problems For DNC

It turns out that secure servers are a pretty good idea after all.  A massive hack of Democratic National Committee emails caused major embarrassment ahead of their convention.  Included in the emails are suggestions that candidate Bernie Sanders religion (or lack of) could be used to cause distrust among Southern voters and other messages that indicate that the party was strongly favoring Hillary Clinton over Sanders. DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz resigned after the revelations.

The DNC hasn’t denied that the emails are genuine, but have suggested that Russian hackers leaked the messages in order to help Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House.

Verizon Buys Yahoo!

Verizon is paying $4.8 billion to purchase Yahoo!’s core web portal and email business. We told you earlier in the year that the company was looking to ditch the mail business and concentrate on its share of the Chinese export company Alibaba.


According to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam the purchase “will put Verizon in a highly competitive position as a top global mobile media company.”

Verizon says Yahoo will be integrated with AOL as part of the company’s Product Innovation and New Businesses division.  No word yet on if any changes are coming to Yahoo! Mail or any of their other services.

Smartwatch Sales Take A Big Drop

For years tech “experts” have said that wearables would be the next big thing. Despite the initial popularity of the Apple Watch, the demand still hasn’t materialized.  In fact, in the past 3 months, the smartwatch market saw its first decline.


Shipments fell 32% for the second quarter of 2016 according to a report from IDC.  Apple still leads the market, but their shipments were down 70% from one year ago. Though there are high hopes that a refresh of the Apple Watch operating system this fall could boost sales.

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0 thoughts on “In The News 07-29-2016

    1. Sure hope the Yahoo buyout doesn’t discontinue Yahoo mail as we know it.
      Had AOL at one time and hated it.

  1. I believe the Donald committed treason when he told the Russians to find the so called missing 3000 emails. The CIA already exonerated Hilary of any offense.

    1. Hey, Charles. Did you ever hear of “sarcasm”. While the Donald isn’t my favorite, he is the candidate of the Republicans and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, he SAID it was sarcasm. Hillary, on the other hand, seems intent on amassing all the power she can get, which makes her another “dictator-wanna-be” in my book. Same with Obama. She has shown consistent disregard for the security of the information she was entrusted with on her email server and in her treatment of the Benghazi situation. I would be afraid to give her the security codes that our President has to be entrusted with. From her past history, she might send an email to a “friend” and the Chinese, Russians, North Koreans (you fill in the blank) would intercept it

      1. 1. – If you want to live in a feudal system with the 1% having all say and the 99% having absolutely no say or recourse (other than a full-force revolution), go ahead an put that IDIOT
        Donald Trump and his a–hole cronies in office. You WILL regret your decision.

        2. – I am one of those who has never trusted Verizon for anything, do not use Yahoo for any purpose, and totally oppose this purchase. Verizon is already too powerful and MUST be broken up into smaller corporations and businesses in order to protect the people and provide the best services. Bigger has never been proven better when it comes to commerce, which is strictly financially driven, never People driven.

    2. So Charles you must believe that the deleted emails contained government content and not just private emails as claimed by Hilary for if they were only private emails then it can not be treason.

  2. Trump actually stated 33,000 e-mails! Now, nobody who can type less than 3000 wpm could compose that many e-mails in a single year, and how would Trump know how many e-mails she either sent, deleted or both? Who amongst us doesn’t delete old e-mails?

  3. i have had aol since i have been online back in 1997 or so – also have account with yahoo – for groups i am in and have a gmail account too but aol is my primary email – sure hope verizon does not scew it up – i am one of those million of verizon fios customers that got screwed when verizon sold cable lines to frontier – not the same

    1. I’m on the same boat, when Frontier took over my account everything stop working, Verizon may have made good money but it was a big mistake, I don’t have Frontier any more, the never fixed my problems, but still want me to pay for services that never worked. An as far as Trump’s sarcasm I go along with it, but who wants a clown for president?

  4. I’d say it’s all three.

    What I want to know is *why* the Russians hacked the emails, and whether it was intended to help Trump.

    Trump’s comments since were presumably about Hillary’s emails while Secretary of State, not the Democratic party’s emails, but I agree – inviting a foreign government to rummage through the emails of our Secretary of State *is* treason. He says he was being sarcastic. And what does the TSA do if you make a sarcastic comment about having a bomb in the airport? Yep. They have no sense of humor about such things, and I am rapidly losing my own sense of humor when it comes to Trump.

    1. #1 It was not Trump they one wanted to help. #2 if it was the Russians they probably thought they would find another way to distroy Trump after all Hillary has already been paid for by them.
      #3 if you want to continue down hill to destruction that the democrats are doing then vote for Hillary. If you want this country back vote for Trump. No one in politics likes him BECAUSE he can not be bought. #4. 33000 emails is what the government said was the amount of emails she deleted. #5 If you want to become a muslim country vote for the democrats. Watch out you illegals that think you are getting your country back. The muslims will have it. That is their goal. #6 If you like a lying corrupt person who is only in for it for the POWER Hillary is your gal. #7 If you want the elitist to be held as accountable for breaking the law as you, vote for Trump. #8 If you like the way that the media is bought and paid for, vote for Hillary. If you like the way that the media and democrats spin facts into fiction vote for Hillary. ## I could go on… me myself and I Can not stand a liar, nor a treasonist and I want my country back so will be voting for Trump.

  5. Yahoo email was already changed when the new CEO/President took over and tried to make it compatible for all mobile devices. I hate it, but Yahoo is my primary email source. I shutter to think what might happen now. What should I do???????

  6. Have not been happy with Yahoo Mail for a long time and the $20 paid each year for their so called Mail Plus account does not seem to be worth it but it has been my primary e-mail now for years and can’t even begin to think of how long changing all the mail addresses over on my payment contacts etc is gonna take–so am hoping Verizon won’t screw this takeover up so I won’t be forced to bail quickly

  7. If grandmother Hillary hasn’t a clue about the importance of security and thinks a government email is her own personal property, not subject to compliance with best practices, and worse, court order, then Grandma will be hacked by all manner of opportunists and should not be considered for any level of security clearance.

  8. Adding AOl to yahoo is a big mistake. I dropped aol years ago. They are always not letting you go to the sites you ask for.

  9. What is wrong with this Democratic Party?? The subject is that they were promoting Clinton, behind the scenes. Who cares who brought out the truth? Their slogan should be “what difference does it make!”

  10. Since Yahoo Finance discontinued their Historical Price feature I feel that they don’t really care about service or anything else!

  11. I agree with Lil. Everyone in the Democratic party is once again LOOKING PAST THE FACTS. They wrote the e-mails and their servers were not secure enough against hacking. Just think of what top secret information of ours is out there now because of the women most fit to be our President. That makes me feel really safe (sarcasm, if you needed it to be pointed out). And look at Sanders, being the political puppet that he says he’s against…

  12. The fault of the DNC emails is important only because of their volatile content. The source of the content lies only with its creators. Blaming anyone else is like someone getting shot and blaming the gun manufacturer, or the victim, or the news media for reporting it. Hey, the shooter did it!

  13. what a joke the democrat party is they blame russian hackers trying to help trump all that matters is what is in the e-mails not who revealed them unless of course your a typical stupid ignorant democrat voter

  14. Donald Trump is always talking about hacks . So it has to be his son with
    dads approval . They are acting like bullies ,name calling come on . I could not watch the RNC . It was like watching a lynch mob. I hope everyone votes and stop the mud slinging. Grow up Donald. God Bless America

  15. I think Hilary is a liar (among many other things) and will stoop to any lengths to get the what she wants, including bashing Bernie but oh, so cuddly with him in public. And she and Michelle Obama hate each other but all of a sudden they are best buddies?????
    I think Donald was being sarcastic, after all, 33,000 emails sure sounds like hyperbole to me. She couldn’t be trusted in Bengazi….where she allowed American men to be murdered, she couldn’t be trusted with emails as Secretary of State. The Russians hacked her once, why wouldn’t they hack the email again???
    I am all for having a woman for President BUT NOT THAT WOMAN.

    1. Karen. Do some research, please. 1)The GOP has hated the Clintons for over 30 years. And she has weathered the storm. She is a strong women; I would have folded long ago. 2)The FBI has identified all lost email and maybe 3 were not marked properly and were “not” marked classified. She cannot see into the future and anticipate a “coming classification”. 3)There is NO proof that her server was hacked. And Bush, Chaney, Powell, Rice and others all used private servers; but I did not see them come forward and “fess up”. 4)No one mentions the 300,000+ emails that disappeared when Bush left office.
      5)And the technology on her servers was current; the technology used by the FBI is 1970s stuff, they still use 8×8 storage discs, and depend on printed paper copies. 6)And Gengazi was not a proper facility with normal security and there was unfortunately no chance of help getting to them no matter what the conditions. The GOP had refused “repeated” request for funds to make the place more secure. But the still tried to put the blame on her. could go on…..just saying
      7) she has dedicated her entire life in the service of others from the time she was a high school/college student. Could you have done better? Give her a break.

  16. AOL has not been as good as it was before Verison bought it and I hope that this does not mess up both AOL and Yahoo.

  17. As for the DNC – all three are to blame. I don’t know if Russia, in particular, is to blame, but there are also other countries that are trying to hack

  18. As for Yahoo. I am sorry to see it sold. There have been many changes to Yahoo and not all of them for the better, but if Verizon merges Yahoo and AOL together, there will be a lot of unhappy customers. Remember Verizon didn’t do any one any favors merging with Frontier. There are still problems here in Florida and I understand other states as well. I also question if Yahoo will stay free. It is my understanding that AOL is not

  19. I am hoping that yahoo service remains as good as it is. I am very unhappy with some of the other email servers that I have tried.

  20. Sounds like DNC as well as security issues are the main ones. But it could be like the clown Clinton, what emails?? We, the people truly do not need another 4 years of Obama clown in office. I thought this wasn’t a place to discuss politics.Just saying.

  21. No matter who hacked the DNC e-mails, the Democrats wrote them so the should bear all the blame. You can’t hack what’s not there to hack. If the DNC was honest they wouldn’t be trying to blame the Russians.

  22. It is highly irresponsible and unprofessional of our mainstream media to suggest or report that Russia was behind the hacking. This was reported initially as speculation, and on that basis probably should not have been reported a all. The media and Washington, including Hillary, are reigniting the Cold War, which could lead to nuclear catastrophe. Have we gone insane? I was the person on the ground in Moscow in the 1990s assisting with the transition from Communism. The Cold War was over at that time.

  23. Because I subscribe to Verizon’s DSL (Frontier) I am now having to run my email ( through AOL which I don’t like in the least. It used to be Yahoo, and I didn’t like it either. I love Gmail. AOL and YAHOO always seem to come up with Errors (without explanation). They seem to censor my email Forwards and it makes me madder than a Jap.

    1. Scott, you don’t have to use a Verizon address at all if you don’t want to. You can simply switch to a Gmail account.

  24. They’re all three to blame! How can you separate any of them to either take or shed the blame? And beyond that, it is a big, flashing billboard telling us we had better get seriously busy on patching up the holes in our national cyber security wall!

  25. The problem is that the population of this country lets the politicians act as though they did nothing wrong except get caught. They make the bad people here the hackers for exposing the truth and feel no quilt for the emails. The public should nail the whole bunch instead of just a fall girl.

  26. My husband works in computer network security, and he says you should NEVER EVER think your email is secure. Some companies may be better at monitoring for hackers, but everything is hackable. Trump may have had a good cackle over what happened to DNC, but his turn is coming – unless he pays a ransom to some hackers down the road doing the same thing to him.

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