Dan had a bit of a Facebook accident.  “I accidentally somehow got rid of a friend (On Facebook), I think because she has the same name as another person whom I do not like. Now I cannot get her back. Her name is still in my system but when I try to play Words with her she does not come up.  I tried just putting in her phone number, that does not work and when I put in her name this other person comes up.  Is there any way I can fix this?”

Dan, you’ll need to send her another friend request. But sometimes finding someone on FB can be a bit of a challenge.

First, you’ll need to type her name into the search and click the magnifying glass icon.


You may see the person you’re looking for in the Top results. These are filtered by things like location and mutual friends.


If you don’t see the person you’re looking for, you can choose See more at the bottom.


Or you can click the People tab at the top.


You’ll find a wider range of possible results.


When you find the person you’re looking for, just click “Add as a friend” to sent a friendship request.


If you still can’t find his person, there are a few possibilities. She may have left Facebook. Or she may have her privacy settings set up so that people who are not already friends can’t search for her on Facebook. Or she may have unfriended you and blocked you from searching for her.

~ Cynthia