A reader needs a simple video editing program stat!

Short version: Ipad mini 2
Took a few videos.  Filled memory (5 free GB)
Transferred to PC and deleted on Ipad
Wanted to edit videos to clips
No program in Windows 10 for that.
Can’t put video back on iPad.  Rats
Need a program for video editing.
Found one with free trial but to BUY they want
$30 YEARLY.  No thanks on the yearly payments ever.
Limited use and functionality with trial.  Uninstalled.
Suggestions?  Just need to trim videos to clips for Facebook mainly.
Don’t mind paying for program but not YEARLY!”

In the future, you’ll probably want to stick to using the iMovie app on your iPad and then posting to FB from there. The simplest solution for your PC is probably to download Microsoft Movie Maker. It’s free and simple to use.

Go to Microsoft.com to download Windows Essentials.  Choose Download now to download and install the whole suite.

You could also choose to scroll down and click Learn more under each program to find out more about it before downloading. After you click download, you’ll have the choice on installing the entire suite or the individual programs.

If you only want Movie Maker, just select it.

Movie maker allows you create movies using photos, videos, music and voice. It also comes with themes to assist you in putting your movies together.

Once installed, open it and browse for the video you wish to import.


Select the video from the file where it is saved.

select video

Choose the Visual effects tab at the top.


You’ll have a choice of several filters and, to the far right, the brightness control.


Click it and you’ll see a slider bar that allows you adjust the brightness level.


You can view the results of your adjustments in the window to the left.


When you are happy with the results, click the drop-down menu in the upper left and choose save movie. You can then choose from a variety of formats depending on the device you intend the movie to play on.


You can also choose to share directly to social media like Facebook.

NOTE:  If you already had Movie Maker installed on your Windows 7 or 8.1 PC and upgraded to Windows 10, it is still there.

~ Cynthia