In part 1 of this article, I introduced you to Pokemon Go and tried to explain why all those people with phones are standing in front of your house. In this article, I’ll explain how the game works and show you a few screenshots.

In the Pokemon game, players capture and then raise little creatures called Pokemon and “train” them for battle. Then their creatures “fight” other players creatures. I’ve heard it called “civilized dog fighting,” but it’s not a bloody or gruesome game. No imaginary creatures are injured in the making of this game.

Pokemon Go changes things up by having you hunt these imaginary creatures out in the real world.

Once you download the game from the app store for your phone and set up an account, you’re ready to play.


You start by hunting Pokemon in the real world. Using a map and the phone’s GPS you’ll be able to track the creatures. The creators of the game have made a point of placing Poke Stops at parks, public art, museums, and other points of interest. The game is meant to get you out and about exploring the place you live. Poke Stops are always accessible to the public.

You don’t have to look at the phone while walking. It will vibrate and let you know if you’re near a Pokemon.

When you locate the creature you throw a Poke Ball at it by lining it up in the site of your camera and tapping the screen.


The neat part is that you can take a picture of the creature in the real world. Many people have fun by lining up friends to pose with the creatures.


You can collect Poke Eggs at Poke Stops. These will hatch into new creatures for the game, but you can only incubate them by walking.  Many require that you only walk 2 kilometers, but special eggs need you to get in at least 10 K.

Once you reach a certain level, users have to locate a Gym somewhere out in the real world. There you can join a team and battle other Pokemon players. Gyms are placed at landmarks just like Poke Stops.


I know whole teams of families that are enjoying playing the game together and getting a lot of exercise in the great outdoors. Pokemon aren’t only lurking outside, though, at a recent party at my house, several people managed to catch some hanging out in my living room.

Now I finally know what the cat was chasing when he ran around the house seemingly swatting at nothing 🙂

It’s a really interesting combination of battle game, scavenger hunt, and fitness app. I’ve heard a lot of people making fun of the players out roaming the streets looking for imaginary characters. To that I respond, I don’t see that it’s any sillier than golf.

~ Cynthia