I received this comment on an article I wrote about unblocking senders in Outlook.com: “Thank you for this explanation, but on my page there is NO ‘Remove from list’ to click on! I know outlook was updated recently so now things have changed. I did find the list of blocked email addresses, and it is long. I suddenly got slammed with spam a couple weeks ago and accidentally blocked ebay while I was blocking all these spams. Oh no! Since I’m a seller I really need to be able to get mail from them. Can you help?”

The instructions for unblocking a sender in Outlook.com are really simple.

Go to your Outlook.com inbox and choose the little gear and the top. Then select Options.


You’ll switch to a screen with a bunch of choices.


Under Preventing junk email, choose Safe and blocked senders.


Here you can add safe senders and mailing lists and see a list of blocked senders. Click Blocked senders.



Here you can either type in a name to add to the list.



Or click on a name already on the list and choose remove to remove it.


But this reader said she saw nothing of the kind in her mailbox. Now, I checked Outlook.com immediately to make sure they hadn’t made any changes. They hadn’t. It was still the same. Sometimes when you don’t see options for webmail, the issue can be the browser. You may need to switch browsers or clear the cache of the one you’re using.  I asked the reader to grab a screenshot of what she was seeing.

She did, and I knew immediately what the problem was. She was using Microsoft Exchange Outlook online – which sounds as if it’s the same thing as Outlook.com, but but it’s actually a paid service from Microsoft that offers a lot more features that you basic free Outlook account.


More commonly, people confuse either the Outlook email client with Outlook.com or the Microsoft Mail App with an Outlook account for Outlook.com because they all say Outlook.  In this case it was a different online Outlook where unblocking a sender is as easy as selecting Junk Mail under options and then just highlighting someone from the list and clicking the trash icon.


Sometimes it just takes some time to get on the same page (or webpage).

~ Cynthia