Don’t Click On This Trick

We received scam email in our Customer Service email using a pretty common tactic this morning. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give everyone a reminder about this old trick.

Check it out.  The message came from an email address belonging to one of our customers here at Worldstart. It read that the full message was not able to display and that you’d have to click a link in the message to see it.


It also displayed an error number that included our domain name to make it seem more believable. The error would be from, not the sender’s email.

This is a flat-out scam. If you click that link, you’ll be directed to a site full of malware and other nasty stuff.  So don’t click these links. If you know the email address it came from, start a separate email and ask that person if they sent you anything. (Don’t hit reply. That message isn’t really coming from your friend.  Odds are that the answer is no.

~ Cynthia

6 thoughts on “Don’t Click On This Trick

  1. I strongly feel that it is my email that is causing this problem. I am now trying to give my address book an alert and change my password.

  2. Appreciate the heads up, Cynthia. It’s sad that people with the smarts to create stuff like this aren’t using it for better purposes.

  3. Thank you Cynthia for this information Will pass it on to my email friends
    so they are aware of this scam

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