Domino’s Experiments With Pizza Delivery Drones

Domino’s Pizza is experimenting¬† with the idea of delivering pizzas with drones. The company gave a demonstration of drone delivery in Auckland, New Zealand and announced plans to be the first company to offer home drone delivery.

The CEO said it didn’t really make sense to use a two-ton vehicle to deliver something as small as a pizza. Domino’s is launching the service in New Zealand because the the company has less strict drone rules than the U.S.¬† The delivery service is part of a partnership with a drone company called Fkirtey, that’s also done similar demonstrations with 7/11.

You can check out a video of the demo by clicking here.


3D Printed Pizza Is On The Way

Speaking of Pizza, new tech may make delivery obsolete. A company called BeeHex wants to use a 3D printing tech designed by NASA to feed astronauts on a mission to Mars to bring pizza and other food items to concession stands and amusements parks.

You’ll be able to order your food using an app and then go pick it up once it’s finished. The printer even cleans up after itself.

iPhone 6 Hit By “Touch Disease”

iPhone 6 and 6Plus models are reported to be suffering from an issue that’s been dubbed “touch disease.”

A gray bar that flickers in and out appears at the top of the screen. The problem is blamed by some on chips coming loose from the circuit board inside the phone and gradually gets worse until the screen becomes unusable.

Apple hasn’t directly addressed the issue, but if your phone is under warranty, you can get a replacement.

~ Cynthia