A reader had a question about MSN email vs. Outlook. “I’m an MSN.com user. I have my e-mail sites stacked, one below the other. Does Outlook have that capability too? If so, how?”

I’m not precisely sure what you mean here. But let me try to answer your question.

MSN.com email and Outlook.com email are exactly the same things. So you’ll find the same capabilities because it’s the same program.


If by having your email sites stacked, you mean that you have mail from various addresses forwarded to your Msn.com address, that would be unchanged if you switched to an Outlook.com address. If by Outlook, you’re talking about using the Outlook e-mail client or the Microsoft Mail app in Windows  8.1 or 10, either will allow you to receive email from multiple email accounts.

~ Cynthia