Considering the wealth of available educational tech games for kids, it would be a shame not to allow your children benefit from the kind of training in problem-solving and analytical thinking they offer. These skills are transferable and empower children in learning and life, helping them to become more creative and independent.

Here are 6 interactive tech games to help introduce your kids to technology in a fun way.

Lightbot and Lightbot Jr.


While the junior version is a great fit for kids aged 4-8, older children will enjoy the regular version more. This fun app works on iOS, Android, and web browsers. It might look really simple, but experts claim that it actually foreshadows some key aspects of computer programming.

The goal of the game is to make a robot light up all the blue tiles on a special 3D grid. Users need to program the robot with a set of instructions to do all this in one run. This way kids can engage in activities like planning, testing, or debugging. You can use the free browser version for one hour or buy the full version on iTunes and Google Play.



Perfect for kids with 5-8 years of age, this game is available only for iOS. You can get the pro version for $7. Kodable is a game that teaches children how to code without requiring them to even read. Its 105 maze-like levels teach kids concepts like loops, functions, or conditions.

This game is full of colorful and fuzzy protagonists that are bound to engage your children in their first meeting with technology. With the Pro version they’ll also get to enjoy vocabulary lessons and learning guides.



Suitable for kids that are 5 years old or more, Cargo-Bot is another great option if you’d like to make a good use of your iPad. Players get to use a moving crane to shift boxes around a factory, completing challenges which grow as the game progresses. It’s light and fun, and it will teach your kids to think analytically with abstract concepts.



This game is a good choice for kids aged 4 to 7. It was designed by an educational developer to help kids boost their analytical skills with procedures such as trial, error, hypothesis, and testing.

Offering 12 top-down timed levels, this app is bound to attract the attention of your kids and engage them with mazes which grow more complex with each level. If an older kid likes the game, get them an extension called BeeBot Pyramid.



Children aged 6 to 12 will have lots of fun playing the game which perfectly combines digital and physical worlds. With Puzzlets, players can physically place instruction tiles onto a grid, and program the actions of on-screen characters.

Cork the Volcano is the first designed game – it focuses on growing analytical skills. This is an open platform where everyone can help to develop games available for the system.


This game works with PC and Mac computers, and soon will be available on iPads as well. Machineers is an excellent game where players work with broken machines and fix them using coding principles.

The smart drag-and-drop interface is intuitive and kids are bound to love it. You can download the demo version for free and have your kid try it today – the game is said to boost their future learning skills.

Try introducing your kids to one or more of these games, and you’ll help them develop analytical skills in the most entertaining way.

~  Sophia Mest

Sophia Mest is a Content Manager at BizDb, where she aspires to put her writing passion into practice and spread her words across the world. She spends her free time travelling and exploring the wonders of nature. Follow her on Twitter @MestSophia