Welcome to the Ultimate Social Media Sizes Guide! This is a really handy tool if you’re trying to customize your presence on Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

I think it’s really awesome to have all of the sizing information in one place. I find that I often select images that are too large or too small to be feasibly used in an aesthetic fashion. Then the image that I pick is either squished or blurry. With this guide, you can pick images that are the perfect size every time, and have an idea of what the layout of the customizable areas look like in relation to each other.

When you arrive at the site you can click on the icon for the social media platform you want to customize and the page will jump down to that guide. Or you can scroll down the page and look through all the layouts.

I really love that the the guides also tell you what areas are covered by other text or buttons. For an example of this take a look at the Facebook guide.

I’ve already bookmarked this page for future reference, but you can also use the buttons on the left side of the page under the icon for the guide you are looking at to download a .PDF version, or a Photoshop template. (The latter is really handy if you’re designing a webpage layout in Photoshop.)

Go check it out for yourself today!