In part 1 and part 2 of this tip, we learned how to download the free language app DuoLingo and start your first lesson.

Once you’ve finished your first lesson, you will be asked if you want to create a profile. It is a good idea to make one, as you wouldn’t want to start over again every single time you use the app. Press “Create Profile.”


Fill in all your details. You can register with a Google account or a Facebook account if you want to by pressing their respective buttons at the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, you can register with your email. Type in your email, a username (this can be any name you want, just remember what it was!) and a password. Once this is all done, press “Create.”


You will be taken to a screen where you can view all the topics that Duolingo will teach you in your chosen language. You will see that all of them (except Basics 1) is grayed-out. This is because you haven’t unlocked any of them yet. Press “Basics 1.”


Since you have completed the first lesson, you can now move on to the second lesson of the topic.


Swipe to the left, and you will see that you have the chance to redo the first lesson. You can do this if you feel that you don’t remember most of the words.


The Basics 1 section comes with three lessons. Once you complete all of them, you will complete the topic and unlock the next ones.


You are on your way to learning your language!

~ Johnaten