Colors of Classical Art

I’m still really obsessed with the idea of color in ancient art, and it turns out I’m not the only one! The Indiana University Art Museum put together an entire exhibit that celebrates color in ancient art.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find the Themes navigation menu on the left side of the screen and one the right you’ll find introductory text about the collection. Once you’ve clicked into a theme, you’ll find the Theme navigation as a strip below the main navigation strip and the content for the theme below.

Each theme has art on the left and information about that part of the collection on the right. If you click on a piece of artwork, the image will be featured on the left in a larger size with specific information about that piece on the right. The only thing I think is missing from this navigation system is an easy way to go back from the art pieces other than clicking back into the collection you were browsing. It would be nice if you could browse through all of them with right or left arrows.

While all the sections are amazing and full of interesting artwork, my favorite section is Making Color. This section teaches you how ancient artisans made the colors they worked with whether it was naturally inherent in the materials they selected, manipulated those materials to get the results they wanted, or manufactured the colors in order to bring their artwork to life.  This section is full of subthemes, which means when you click on an item you’ll be opening up a gallery of examples for that topic. I loved all of these sections and highly recommend you take a peak at them.

Go explore the color of ancient art for yourself today!


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