A reader wrote looking for help after accidentally hitting the Archive button in Gmail. He couldn’t find a button to restore the missing messages.

It could be pretty easy to accidentally archive your messages.  So if you’re suddenly missing a chunk of mail, make sure to check to see if you’ve accidentally archived it. When you first look in the inbox, you don’t see the option.


Once you select some messages by checking them, you’ll see an option to archive at the top of the inbox.


But that Archive button is located between the Filter button on the left and the Spam and Trash button on the right.


Here’s how to find them. On the pane at the left, scroll down to the More arrow and click it.


Then select All Mail.


You’ll find your missing messages in there. You can search for them in the search box at the top if you need to. To return to your Inbox, just check them and click Move to inbox.


~ Cynthia