An email scam came to my attention this weekend. Scammers were flooding my inbox with the same trick.  I must have received 7 of them in two days.


There are all kinds of red flags here. An email from Amazon wouldn’t come from a name, it would come from Amazon customer service. And Amazon doesn’t have any such thing as points. Open it and you see a direction to “Click here.”


I’m guessing this Amazon scam is big now because of the recent judgment against Apple, requiring them to offer a refund to Amazon customers who were forced to pay more for certain books because Apple has forced the publishers to fix the price at a certain point. The settlement was made in the form of store credit. Amazon has been reminding those with store credit left to spend it.

If someone wasn’t playing close attention, they might think this was a notice that their store credit was about to expire.  Of course, if you click this link, there’s a whole lot of bad things that might happen.

You could end up on a fake site that asks for your Amazon information. Then they might steal your credit card info or use your account info to buy items and have them shipped to them.  Or, even worse, you might end up on a site that downloads spyware on your PC to steal your information or perhaps download ransomware that locks up your PC.

As always, if you think an email like this might be for real, just go to your account . Don’t click on the link in the email. Go to the web page for your account and check on the claims made in the email. These scammers won’t content themselves to just target Amazon users. Expect to see notices that everything from fuel points to frequent flier miles is ready to expire. Always be cautious before you click.

~ Cynthia