I was using my Surface Pro last night and Windows 10 actually gave me a tech tip. I was working and saw this suggestion pop up from the Action Center.


I gave it a tap and it opened up my Battery Saver options in search. You could also type Battery Saver into the search box and click or tap on the results.


Turn on Battery Saver and you can set your device to switch to a power conservation mode when your battery drops below a certain level. It will turn off background activity like push notifications and lower the screen brightness.


Just below the power level, you’ll see Battery usage by app.


Tap it and you can see which apps are draining the most battery power.¬† If it’s one you don’t need, you can close it.


You can tap a drop-down to sort by timeframe to view the apps that have used the most power recently or in the past week.


Check out these options, they  might make your charge last much longer.

~ Cynthia