If you have an Outlook.com email address (that includes Hotmail, Livemail, and MSN.com addresses), you can easily change your email address or need to add an Alias to your account.

What’s an alias? It’s just another name under which you can send or receive messages to the same inbox as your regular accounts.

It could be handy if you have a pen name, or want messages from your business or organization to arrive under a different name. It could also be used for something fun like corresponding with a child in the guise of Santa or a favorite cartoon character. (I can’t be responsible for what happens when Santa finds out you’re impersonating him.)

You can have more than on alias. These aliases can share a single password and you can send and receive email with each alias. You cannot use an alias that is already in use as the address for another Microsoft account.

To create an alias, you’ll need to click here to go to your Microsoft account page. Then click on Your info at the top.


Then choose Manage how you sign in to Microsoft.


Near the top of the page, you’ll see Account aliases.  Click add email.


You can create a new email address or add an existing non-outlook email to your account.


If you want to send or receive an email using the alias, just log into Outlook.com.  Create a new email.  Click the arrow next to from and you’ll see options to send from your Primary account or from the alias.


You’ll also see that option when you forward or reply.  You can add up to 10 aliases to your account.

~ Cynthia