I had a tip from a reader named Chris.  He writes: As being one of those who misses Windows free solitaire in Windows 10 and NOT wanting to download anything, I found a nice solitaire game you may want to pass on to your readers.  On the right of the screen, you can click on “hide ad” to give you space to move the screen around, and if you put your cursor at the top of the box, you can drag the box down to shrink it at intervals to select the size of the cards.  I keep the link on my desktop and refer to it quite often when I want to play the game and I am satisfied with this one.  I play it while I’m listening to a video I really don’t need to watch……….like listening to the Presidential candidates…..ugh! 

Thanks for the tip!  World of Solitaire is a great simple little solitaire game.


There is an ad on  the page that you can choose to hide. But remember, those ads are what bring you this free game. If you see one for something you might be interested in like a restaurant, consider clicking on it to support the page. People clicking through on ads is what bring revenue to make the game possible.


You also have the option to register at the top right.  This allows you to keep statistics about your games and to access your statistics from different browsers.


Hover over the Solitaire tab at the top and you’ll find to select a type of solitaire as well as participate in challenges.


There’s a long list of games that you can sort by Time, Difficulty, and Type.  There’s a tutorial video provided for each game.


Click Decks to customize your deck.


Choose Background to change the playing surface. You can also put in a link to an image online.


Finally, the Options tab allows you control things like animation and the size of the cards.


Click here to check out World Of Solitaire.

I’d also like to point out that there are lots of free solitaire games available in the Windows 10 store and a free built-in Solitaire app in Windows 10. Just search Solitaire.

~ Cynthia