The Vista Clock Is Ticking

Time is running out for Windows Vista.  Microsoft will end security and bug fix support for Windows Vista on April 11, 2017.  Unlike Windows XP, which was still very popular at the time Microsoft ended support in 2014, Vista is only on about 1% of PCs in use.


In fact, XP is on nearly 10 times as many machines as Vista despite the lack of support.

Samsung Loses Big Thanks To Exploding Note 7 Phones

So how much does it cost a company when their flagship phone starts exploding?  Samsung is estimating that the mess with overheating Note 7 batteries will cost the company around 3 billion dollars in profits.

It’s a sad turn of events since the phone was very well reviewed and quite popular with customers.

For safety reasons, the company has stopped production, issued a recall, and is offering owners $100 to exchange the Note 7 for another Samsung phone.

Lawmakers Demand Answers About Yahoo Mail Scanning

There’s one thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on. They want to know just why Yahoo was scanning everyone’s emails at the request of the FBI.


A bipartisan group sent a letter to the DOJ asking to be briefed on the program.

48 members of Congress signed the letter.

~ Cynthia