Scammers are always changing their tactics to take advantage of computer users.  There’s a new one out there that I wanted to tell you about. We’ve talked before about fake virus pop-ups that direct you to scam tech-support sites. This new one adds the element of sound.


A window will open and you’ll hear a voice telling you that your computer has just been infected and that you need to call a certain number right now to fix it. What’s worse, there’s a scary countdown that says you only have 5 minutes to call or else.

In the past few days a friend of mine’s mother, our graphic artist’s father-in-law, and my father-in-law  were hit by this same scam. It’s completely FAKE!  If your virus software detects a virus, it fixes it. It won’t direct you to a number to call. These crooks just want to get your credit card number or access to your computer.

What you’re hearing is just a pop-up ad. There is no legitimate scenario under which a voice will tell you there’s an issue with your PC and have you call a number. Got it? Promise? If it happens, just shut the browser to make it go away. If you can’t get the browser to shut regularly, try pressing the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys to bring up task manager. Then you can just choose your browser and select end task.

If your browser offers you the ability to restore the last session when you re-open, don’t choose it. You don’t want to go back to where you were and get stuck with that nasty pop-up.

If you’re actually concerned about your computer run a scan with your always up-t0-date security software.

~ Cynthia