In 1878 history was made when two football teams formed to develop the sport at Richmond College. The game originally featured 20 players on the field for each side (the two literary societies Phiologian and Mu Sigma Rho) and looked a lot more like rugby than modern day football.

This digital exhibit traces the history of football at the University of Richmond. You’ll find a brief explanation of the exhibit and an item feature from the collection on the main page. You’ll also find a navigation menu to the left offering you the option to Browse Items, Browse Collections, visit the Library Home, and more.

I think the easiest way to navigate is to choose to Browse Collections because it lets you see the way the items are organized into categories rather than being overwhelmed by an item level collection. The categories are Photographs, Programs, Publications, and Football Memorabilia.  There’s a brief description under each category to list the kinds of objects in each collection.

When you click into any of the categories you’ll find a featured selection of items with their records beneath them. You’ll also find a link that will let you browse all the items for that section.

This is a really cool way to look at one of the ways that football developed in America. Go check it out for yourself today!