Issue: Everything you download takes twice as long as it should.

Solution: Check how much speed you need, do a speed test and reset your router.

 You used to be able to quickly download big files, such as HD movies and torrents, but you’ve noticed that download speeds have slowed tremendously. Ask yourself if anything has changed—are you downloading more than usual? Are there more people in your home using the internet? Did you get a new device? All of these things can affect your internet speed, and it may be time to reassess how much speed you need.


Source: High Speed Internet

If nothing has changed, consider running a speed test to determine whether or not you’re actually getting the download and upload speeds advertised by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Bear in mind that your internet speed will vary depending on the time of the month. Most places recommend doing speed tests throughout the month as well as at different times of the day to get the best idea of your overall internet speed.

If your internet speeds look normal, try doing a quick reset of your router. You’ll be surprised how effective simply resetting your router can be at improving your speed. If all else fails, give your ISP a call and ask them to confirm whether the problem is occurring on your end or theirs.

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~ Alice Williams