Microsoft Introduces Its First Desktop

Microsoft is making a desktop for the very first time. And this isn’t a bargain PC, The Surface Studio starts at $3000.  This desktop/tablet hybrid features a 28″ touchscreen that can be used as a regular monitor or switched to other positions for sketching or photo editing.


You can use it for productivity or have a little fun and play games on it with an Xbox wireless controller.  It features a quad-core 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor and comes with a Surface keyboard, pen, and mouse.  You can pre-order right now from Microsoft.

Samsung: Put Down The Note 7, Please

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a great phone. So great, in fact, that some folks don’t want to give theirs up even though the batteries explode. Despite a recall, some people are refusing to return their phones for a refund or exchange.

Now the company is pushing out a software update in Europe that will limit the charging capabilities of the phone to only 60%. They hope that will encourage customers to replace their phones immediately.

Amazon Adds More Dash Buttons

Amazon had added 60 more products to the lineup of items that come with dash buttons. Dash buttons are wireless devices that allow you to do a one-button reorder for items that you’ve purchased before from Amazon.


You can put the button in your cupboard, on your washing machine, or anywhere else. For example, if you have the coffee button hanging behind the coffeemaker and notice that the Folger’s is running low, you can just press the button to have more coffee sent to your house.

Among the new additions: Coca-Cola, Cheez-Its, Cat Litter, Milk Bone Treats,  Pop-Tarts, and Powerade.

~ Cynthia