Welcome to the University of Edinburgh’s online exhibit about 19th-century Scottish artisans. The exhibit covers the years 1780 to 1914. This site is right in the wheelhouse of the type of arts and crafts I studied for my Master’s thesis a year ago, so you know I had to check it out!

When you arrive at the site you’ll find a navigation strip that features links to the About Page and Items. You’ll also find six featured sections just beneath that navigation strip that offer to let you browse by the following themes: Handmade & Design, Portraits, Trades & Communities, Workshops, Vernacular & Place, and Further Reading.

I suggest clicking on the theme that you are interested and starting there. Or if you’re not interested in any particular theme, you could click on Items on the navigation strip and then select to either browse all or browse by tag. Browsing by tag was my favorite way to explore this collection.

Once you’ve selected a way to browse the collection, you’ll see a thumbnail of the object with some basic data. If you click into the item, you’ll find a more detailed description, a zoomable image, a geospatial map, and other associated files.

This is a really cool collection! I hope you’ll check it out today!