Usually, connecting to a wireless network is fairly simple. You just select WiFi and look for a network. Then you can enter the password to log on.

android-available networks-secured

But not all networks are visible. Some networks can be hidden for security purposes. Normally networks broadcast their network IDs (SSID) to make it easier to log on. But for security purposes, you might not want anyone to be aware that a network is there.¬† Here’s how to find a hidden network. You will need the information for the network to do this.

Right-click on the WiFi icon in your system tray on the taskbar. Select Open Network and Sharing Center.


Click on Set up a new connection or network.


Choose Manually connect to a wireless network then click Next.


Now, you’ll need to enter the SSID¬† (The name of the network) in the Network Name field. Pick the security type used by the network, and enter the security key. If you want to be able to connect automatically after that, make sure you check the Start this connection automatically box and then click next.

~ Cynthia